AVG Internet Security 2020 – Unlimited Devices (10 devices) 1 Year

AVG Internet Security 2020 – Unlimited Devices (10 devices) 1 Year

AVG Internet Security 2020 – Unlimited Devices (10 devices) 1 Year


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AVG Internet Security 2020 license from the manufacturer

AVG Internet Security is the most essential and powerful internet activity protection. It protects you and your PC from fraud, viruses, malicious attacks, junk

AVG Internet Securityfiles, malware, spyware, adware, rogues, ransomware, trojan, and other harmful data.

AVG Internet Security 2020 Key provides all kinds of protection from online threats, these give 24/7 virus protection and malware attacks.

It heals all malware with just a single scan of the PC. It stops attacks and malicious windows or application settings. This protects users’ bank accounts, email accounts, social accounts, hard disks, and personal information from hackers or unsecured persons.

AVG Internet Security utilizes artificial intelligence to detect potentially unsafe applications more efficiently.

Computer protection

  • Advanced Antivirus : Detects viruses, ransomware, spyware and other malware on your PC.
  • Suspicious Agent Actions: Send alerts in the event of suspicious software behavior on your PC.
  • AI-Based Detection : Proactively identify malware samples to protect against new threats.
  • Cyber Capture : automatic analysis of new threats to be able to block them.

Web and email protection

  • Link scanner : scan for any suspicious links to avoid dangerous websites.
  • Web Agent : Check files before downloading to PC to make sure they are free of malware.
  • Email Agent : Block attachments that may constitute phishing attacks.
  • Wi-Fi Protection : Alert when connected to unsecured Wi-Fi networks.
  • Toolbar Removal : Removes potentially malicious extensions and toolbars from the browser.

Protection against hacker attacks

  • Improved firewall: Don’t let hackers access your personal files and photos.
  • Ransomware protection: Prevent hackers from locking your files and photos. Determine which apps can edit or delete them.
  • Password protection: Prevent applications from reading, changing or deleting passwords saved in your browsers.

Privacy protection

  • Webcam protection : Force unapproved applications to request authorization before using your webcam to prevent hacking.
  • Data shredder: Securely and permanently delete files and data to prevent unintentional and unauthorized restoration.

Payment protection

  • Agent fraudulent sites: avoid fake websites by being automatically redirected to genuine sites.




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Key Features :

AVG Internet Security uses next-generation machine learning and artificial intelligence to protect you from viruses and other types of malware in real-time :

■ Maximum Security

Stop malware, block dangerous downloads, avoid fake websites, and secure personal files with advanced ransomware protection.

■ Maximum Privacy

Protect your webcam from illegal access, hide private photos and files from prying eyes, and securely delete important data.

■ Unlimited Family Protection

Install on unlimited personal PCs, tablets, and smartphones to protect everyone in your family.

AVG Internet Security

With AVG Internet Security Unlimited you can:

■ Secure your PC : Make sure your computer is safe, we keep your computer clear of viruses and other nasty infections with real-time protection and powerful machine learning. Our Improved Firewall also prevents hackers from accessing your computer.

■ Surf & email safer : We block unsafe links, downloads, spam, and email attachments so you can enjoy your online life without worries. We even help you avoid fake copycat websites so you don’t unintentionally give thieves your passwords, credit card numbers, or other personal info.

■ Get advanced ransomware protection : Protect your personal photographs, documents, and data from harmful encryption and have complete control over which apps can access, edit, or destroy them.

■ Stop webcam spying : Keep peeping Toms out of your home and children’s bedrooms by allowing only trusted apps to use your webcam and being warned when anything suspicious tries to access your camera.

Requirements :

Windows 10, 8 or 7
MacOS 10.10 (Mavericks) or later
Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API level 23) or later
iOS 10.0 or later
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